Four Benefits of Digital X-Ray Imaging

digital x ray benefits

X-ray imaging has a long history of medical use. Accidentally discovered by a German physicist in 1895, X-rays transformed medicine almost overnight and have been used for everything from finding foreign objects trapped in a child’s throat to tracing food through the digestive system. However, technological advances since the late 19th century have led to the digital evolution of the X-ray.

What Is a Digital X-Ray?

A digital x-ray system combines software and hardware to provide a detailed picture of the inside of a patient’s body. The system’s sensors immediately process pictures and transmit them to a monitor in minutes, giving the doctor a clear idea of what is happening much more quickly than previous generations of the technology.

These images can easily be stored for future access and transmitted to other medical professionals if needed. This could reduce the need for additional examinations at a later date.

Here are some of the benefits of using digital x-rays.

#1 – Higher Quality of Care

All forms of radiography expose you to some levels of radiation. However, digital x-rays typically reduce exposure by 75 percent or more compared to traditional x-rays. Although traditional x-rays currently in use are not as dangerous as some patients seem to fear, these newer iterations are even safer.

Digital x-rays also promote a higher quality of care by improving the communication between you and your doctor and the speed with which accurate diagnoses can be provided. Because digital radiography provides a more comprehensive picture than film x-rays, you will have a better understanding of your body and your physician will be able to detect and treat problems earlier and more efficiently.

#2 – Time and Productivity Savings

Conventional x-rays take about 15 minutes to develop, while digital technology reduces this time to mere seconds. Digital images are instantly stored and ready to view on a computer, which can limit the time you spend at the doctor’s office.

If your office needs to send the x-ray to another specialist or insurance company, it can be sent in just minutes, without the need for shipping or making a copy.

#3 – Less Expensive and More Environmentally-Friendly

Film is costly to purchase and develop, which is one reason many medical institutions favor digital x-rays. The technology is readily available and costs less for facilities to operate, and ultimately those savings are passed on to you.

Digital technology is also considered more “green” than traditional radiography. A digital x-ray doesn’t require chemicals to develop or disposable paper film, reducing its environmental impact.

#4 – No Lost Images

Digital radiography safely stores your x-rays so you don’t have to worry about losing important images. Most medical centers will back-up your data to a cloud server, providing even more protection.

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