COVID-19 Testing


Our emergency facilities currently offer COVID-19 testing for patients who present with certain risk factors and symptoms. Testing is done on symptomatic patients in conjunction with an emergency room visit. Healthy, asymptomatic, “worried well” individuals should consider other options.

Our in-house rapid antigen test is charged at $200. As a symptomatic patient, you will also be charged an ER visit. Total charges for an ER visit vary depending on the level of patient illness, intensity of medical needs, and the resources required to render care. We also offer an extensive molecular testing panel that includes COVID-19 as one of 20+ respiratory testing targets. This comprehensive respiratory panel tests for a variety of viral and bacterial conditions which are charged together as a single service. The accuracy, complexity, and expense of the molecular respiratory panel warrants a charge of $2501-$2888. Our third COVID-19 testing option is a send-out PCR test for COVID-19 only. The sample is collected by our staff during the patient visit and processed by outside laboratories. These outside laboratories set their own prices and bill separately for their services. Most laboratories price the COVID-19 test from $200 to $300. Again, regardless of the type of COVID-19 test provided, total charges will include an ER visit and will vary depending on the patient’s individual medical needs and services rendered.

Our emergency facilities offer cash-pay case rates designed for uninsured patients. These patients often qualify for different levels of financial assistance depending on their unique financial situation. Out-of-pocket costs vary depending on the emergency services provided in conjunction with the visit. Most uninsured patients presenting for COVID-19 testing and treatment should expect to pay a few hundred dollars after financial assistance has been applied. As always, we offer full disclosure of individualized out-of-pocket costs based on the emergency services provided during your visit.