How To Tell If a Cut is Infected

Cuts are so common, they’re often regarded as insignificant. This tends to be the case with knee scrapes from falling off a bicycle, paper cuts, or small injuries from slicing up produce. And while some are harmless, it’s important to recognize signs that a cut has become infected. Failing to treat infected wounds can result in complications, such as skin infections, high fever, cellulitis, or sepsis, which can be life-threatening. What Causes a Cut to Become Infected? Our immune system is designed to keep us healthy by fighting off illness. However, bacteria can enter the bloodstream through an open wound. If the Read More..


If you or someone you love has recently experienced a seizure for the first time, you are well aware of how overwhelming the episode can be. What’s going on? How can I make it stop? What’s causing this? Please make it stop! The uncertainty can feel just as awful as the incident itself. The sense of consternation and helplessness can feel crushing. What, exactly, causes seizures? Is there any way to predict the onset? Is there a treatment? Can you put a full stop to them? The best way to address any situation starts with being well-informed. While it’s imperative to Read More..

Annual Physical Exams

When was the last time you had a physical exam? Chances are if you’re reading this to find out more about them, it’s likely been a while. Whether you’re intimidated by doctors or you just avoid them because you’re feeling fine, it’s a good idea to know what an annual physical exam entails and schedule one. Overview of Annual Physical Exams There isn’t one specific formula that all medical providers follow when conducting an annual physical exam. Generally speaking, the doctor will ask about your medical history and listen to your concerns, if any, about ailments. They will then take Read More..

Ear Infections in Children: When to See a Doctor

Being the parent of a young child goes hand in hand with being constantly tired and constantly worried. And while certain ailments are common among children, such as ear infections, it’s still stressful trying to figure out whether you can cure it with home remedies or if it’s time to see a doctor. Below is a general overview of ear infections in children and how to know when it’s time to see a doctor. What Is an Ear Infection? Ear infections occur when there’s a bacteria overgrowth or virus behind the eardrum. The infection causes inflammation inside the ear and Read More..

Pink Eye

Having healthy eyes is something many of us take for granted. Unless one is visually impaired, they wake up, open their eyes, and go on about their day without giving their sight a second thought. Yet, as soon as there’s a visual disturbance or a change to the eye’s appearance, worry creeps in. Why do your eyes look pink? Why are they so itchy? And how can you get them back to their healthy state? One common eye condition that causes irritation is conjunctivitis (more commonly known as “pink eye”). What is Pink Eye? Conjunctivitis refers to inflammation of the Read More..

Types of Fractures

If you’ve ever fractured a bone, you fully understand how miserable the experience can be. In some cases, you even hear the bone when it cracks, which is both shocking and disconcerting. Then the shooting pain sets in and the inability to move the injured body part. Other times, the injury progresses gradually, and you don’t even realize that there’s a problem until you feel the pain of the fracture. Regardless of which experience you identify with, fractures can leave one feeling frustrated: about the pain, the inability to do simple tasks independently, and the interruption of job, sports, and Read More..

Nausea and Vomiting

Vomiting. It’s one of those subjects that turns people off and causes their face to contort in expressions of disgust. It’s unpleasant and revolting. It’s also something that every single person will experience more than once during their lifetime. Nausea brings on other concerns: discomfort, the inconvenience of staying home to avoid public embarrassment, and worry that there may be something seriously wrong with your health. What are the most common causes of nausea and vomiting? Is there anything you can do to treat it? Fortunately, we have answers. 8 Most Common Causes of Nausea 1. Indigestion Indigestion is pain Read More..


There are few things more distressing than personal health issues or the ill health of a loved one. Unusual aches and pains can cause a person to lose sleep, especially if they have a family history of health adversities. If it’s your child who’s suffering the worry increases exponentially. One of the most common conditions resulting in surgery in the United States is appendicitis. What Is Appendicitis? Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is a tube-shaped organ located between the large and small intestine, on the lower right side of the abdomen. It’s about four inches long, and Read More..

Fevers in Children

Having children comes with plenty of trips to the doctor for vaccines, the common cold, ear infections, and the occasional Lego stuck up a nostril. And while it’s expected that kids will have minor health-related issues every now and then, parents may be confused as to when they can address a concern with over-the-counter medications and home remedies and when it’s necessary to see a doctor. To better help you understand fevers in children, below is an overview of how to recognize a fever, and how to know when it’s time to see a doctor. What Is a Fever and Read More..

The 5 Types of Shock

When most people hear the word “shock”, one of the first images that comes to mind is that of someone experiencing psychological shock after a traumatic experience. While this condition is serious and warrants medical attention, there are other equally dangerous types of shock that affect the human body. The most pressing danger of shock is the interference of blood flow to the organs and soft tissue. If ignored, this obstruction of blood flow can be fatal. 5 Types of Shock and Their Causes 1. Anaphylactic Shock Anaphylactic Shock refers to a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur Read More..