Health Conditions Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Most men assume that if they're not in serious pain, then they're perfectly healthy. Or if they are in pain, they'll often wait until it goes away on its own before seeking medical attention. Unfortunately, certain every-day symptoms that many men (and women) feel can lead to more serious complications if not treated right away. Here are five common health conditions men shouldn't ignore. Health Conditions Men Shouldn't Ignore from completeemergencycare Read More..

Are You a Hypochondriac?

Illness anxiety disorder and somatic symptom disorder, both commonly referred to under the umbrella hypochondria, are real psychological conditions. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, has moved away from the term hypochondria in favor of these two more specific conditions. Don't hesitate to contact a medical professional if you're exhibiting serious symptoms! But if it turns out to be nothing - again - you may be a hypochondriac. Read More..

Does My Child Have Croup? A Parent’s Guide to This Common Childhood Illness

If you’re a parent you may be familiar with the barking cough that signifies a potential case of croup. It can often begin during an otherwise quiet night and send you into a near panic due to the constricting nature of the illnesses’ distinctive hoarse cough. Thankfully, croup is generally not as severe as the cough may lead you to believe. Croup is actually fairly common among children, with approximately three percent of six-month- to three-year-olds suffering from it annually. Croup Symptoms The most obvious sign of croup is a barking cough, but there are other symptoms that may begin Read More..

Preventing Workplace Flu Outbreaks

Flu outbreaks are miserable for everyone involved. The infected person has to deal with a week or more of discomfort, their family members and coworkers have to pick up the slack during the sufferer’s convalescence and everyone in the vicinity lives in fear of becoming the next victim. At this time of year, the flu virus is an ever-present threat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 9.2 and 35.6 million people in the U.S. get the flu every year. That’s approximately 2.8 to 11 percent of the nation’s population. Hospitalizations range between 140,000 and 710,000 annually. Read More..

The Three Most Common Types of Vehicle Collision Injuries

You take a risk every time you drive out onto the road. You never know when you may be involved in a vehicle collision. Although defensive driving can help prevent most accidents, some may be unavoidable, especially in high-speed situations or if there’s a manufacturing defect or maintenance issue with a vehicle involved. No matter how you end up there, collisions are frightening and potentially harmful. Though you may not feel any pain in the immediate moments following an accident, the adrenaline eventually wears off and you may realize you’ve suffered an injury during the collision. If you’re in an Read More..

Common College Illnesses

College campuses are known for many things. Unfortunately, the presence of various illnesses and highly contagious diseases is one of them. There are a variety of causes at play – college students often deal with high stress, irregular sleeping patterns, poor diets and may not be accustomed to taking care of themselves. Regardless of the cause, students and parents should be aware of these common illnesses that plague college campuses so they can take necessary preventative measures where possible. Upper Respiratory Infection Also known as the common cold, upper respiratory infections are extremely common in just about any location where Read More..

Emergency Care at a Moment’s Notice

A steady hand, being calm under pressure and possessing the ability to make fast decisions while a life hangs in the balance are just a few of the many qualities and skills an excellent, professional medical doctor should possess. Becoming a doctor takes years of schooling, and for good reason. Human bodies are complex systems. The ailments that affect them–disorders, injuries and diseases–and the treatments that can cure them can take years to learn about and even longer to master. Being a doctor is also one of the most stressful jobs in the world, as emergency cases require fast focused Read More..

The Best Travel Tours in Colorado

Colorado's beautiful scenic high country is worth seeing. Take in the forests of green, breathe the fresh air and witness diverse wildlife with these amazing Colorado travel tours. The Best Travel Tours in Colorado from completeemergencycare If you're ever in need of caring, focused and attentive emergency medical care in Colorado Springs, visit Complete Care today. Read More..

Texas State Facts You Didn’t Know

Cool Fact: Texas is the only state to join the united states through a treaty rather than territorial annexation. See more interesting facts about Texas in the infographic below. Texas is home to the nations best health care resources. Contact Complete Care today. Read More..

The Best Outdoor Activities in Texas

Your outdoor adventures don’t have to end simply because summer is over. Texas continues to offer some of the country’s most incredible landscapes and outdoor activities even as the days cool down and the fall colors start to appear. Take a day or weekend trip through any of Texas’s gorgeous natural biomes and enjoy all this great state has to offer. Explore Caves Sometimes the greatest adventures are found underground. Slap on a headlamp and head to the Texas Hill County for some spelunking through Enchanted Rock. This 1,000 foot-long granite cave allows you to explore beautiful rock formations beneath Read More..