Texas State Facts You Didn’t Know

Cool Fact: Texas is the only state to join the united states through a treaty rather than territorial annexation. See more interesting facts about Texas in the infographic below. Texas is home to the nations best health care resources. Contact Complete Care today. Read More..

The Best Outdoor Activities in Texas

Your outdoor adventures don’t have to end simply because summer is over. Texas continues to offer some of the country’s most incredible landscapes and outdoor activities even as the days cool down and the fall colors start to appear. Take a day or weekend trip through any of Texas’s gorgeous natural biomes and enjoy all this great state has to offer. Explore Caves Sometimes the greatest adventures are found underground. Slap on a headlamp and head to the Texas Hill County for some spelunking through Enchanted Rock. This 1,000 foot-long granite cave allows you to explore beautiful rock formations beneath Read More..

Best Places to Eat Healthy Food In Austin

It’s easy to pack on the calories when eating out due to all the rich oils and fats found in most restaurant foods. However, restaurants that utilize healthy, natural ingredients exist, especially in health-conscious Austin, Texas. Here are some excellent places to get your grub on without worrying about the extra calories. Fresas Fresas is a modern Mexican take on chicken al carbon, Fresas homemade tortillas, authentic salsas and rice and beans are the epitome of fine, healthy Mexican cuisine. They incorporate a hefty helping of grilled vegetables in their meals and have inventive salads to satiate any appetite. T Read More..

History of the Modern Hospital

Ancient Examples For many ancient cultures, medicine and medical practices were closely linked with religion. Some of the earliest documented examples of hospitals were ancient Greek temples. The Greek god Asclepius was known for his healing abilities and temples dedicated to him were known as Asclepieia. These shrines functioned as centers of worship, medical advice, prognosis and treatment. Three large marble slabs were found in a temple in Epidaurus that dated back to 350 BCE; preserved on the tablets were the names, case histories, symptoms and treatments of nearly 70 separate Greek patients. Similar temples were built by the Romans, Read More..

The Health Impact of Sitting All Day and What You Can Do to Mitigate the Consequences

Sitting is an unavoidable part of life for most people. From children sitting at their desks in school for seven or eight hours a day to adults who begin their day with a commute that involves sitting in their car or public transportation while heading to an office where they’ll sit in a cubicle all day before their commute home. At home our favorite pastimes generally involve sitting, whether that’s watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet. This is a dramatic shift from the majority of human history. From hunter gatherers to agrarian societies, ancient people were on Read More..

How to Prepare Your Body for a Football Game

Preparing for any sport or competition can be an intense experience. Players must prepare themselves mentally and physically to be at their best when the big day arrives. In a contact sport such as football being prepared is essential, not just to ensure you’re performing at your full potential but also to avoid unnecessary injuries. While everyone’s personal training regimen is unique, here are a few tips to help you prepare your body in the weeks, days and hours leading up to a football game. Get Into Shape Football is not a sport that can be mastered the night before. Read More..

CT Scans: One of the Top Five Medical Developments in 40 Years

When surveyed on what they believe to be the top five medical developments of the last four decades, most medical professionals agreed that computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans belong on the list. Giving doctors, radiologists and other clinicians the ability to non-invasively visualize and diagnose diseases and conditions of the internal body structures with ease compared to previous methods even won the inventors of the CT scan the 1979 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Here’s a brief overview of how CT scans work and a closer look at just some of the many benefits they afford both medical professionals and Read More..

Why Your Student Needs a Yearly Checkup

We make appointments to see our doctors for many reasons, and while most often we see him or her for specific reasons or concerns, our physician can provide much more. A yearly physical exam for your student is an important practice to establish and maintain the overall health of your child. With his or her close proximity to other young and growing children, making sure your student is in good health can help protect them from disease and illness that may be lurking in the schoolyard. Here are some reasons a yearly checkup is important for your student: Prevent health Read More..