Advanced Imaging Services


Timely imaging results are an important part of any ER service. Turn-around time and accuracy are critical. This is a core understanding at Complete Care. Each of our emergency room facilities has on-site digital imaging to provide our emergency physicians with precise imaging results in just minutes. The ability to quickly perform an exam and evaluate images helps our team diagnose your condition accurately and fast.

On-Site ER Imaging

Each of our Complete Care emergency room facilities offers the same imaging capabilities as a hospital-based ER but without the long wait. Our registered technologists are the best in the industry and provide our emergency care physicians with complete accurate imaging information. Imaging services at our facilities include:

CT (CAT Scan)

CT Scan

CT scans allow our doctors to quickly and noninvasively take a look inside the patient’s body to give a better diagnosis. Typically, a CT scan takes about 20 to 30 minutes and results are available for the doctor to review shortly after the exam is complete.

Computed X-Ray

X Ray

At Complete  Care, we use Computed Radiography to acquire and process X-ray images of the inside of the body. Computed Radiography offers us the advantages of more timely image availability and decreased radiation exposure compared to traditional analog X-ray acquisition.



Ultrasound scans are performed to give doctors a view of muscles, organs, blood vessels, and soft tissue to help aid in developing a care plan for the patient. These scans can be critical in diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions, offering dynamic testing advantages not available with other imaging modalities.

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

Also called ECGs, EKG scans help doctors test and monitor your heart’s electrical activity. An EKG can help identify abnormal heart rhythms, blocked arteries, and other heart diseases. Your doctor may perform an EKG test if you visit the ER with chest pain, heart palpitations, or have a history of heart conditions. Each test takes about 10 minutes (including the time it takes to attach the electrodes) and is completely painless.

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Complete Care has emergency room facilities located throughout Texas. For more information about our imaging services, or any additional emergency services we offer, contact any of our conveniently located emergency rooms.