Welcome to Complete Care

The Premier Medical Provider

When you visit Complete Care, you’re not a patient… you become a part of the Complete Care family. Our caring, qualified medical providers believe in offering exceptional and attentive care at every one of our medical centers. We do more than just diagnose the problem; we listen to our patients and their needs, fully understanding your unique medical situation. You are more than just a number.  At Complete Care, we believe in outstanding customer service and exceptional treatments without a long wait. Our state-of-the-art facilities avoid the drawbacks of traditional Emergency Rooms, and Urgent Cares, ensuring you never receive less than exceptional care or become lost in the shuffle. From minor injuries to major ailments, the friendly and professional staff at Complete Care is ready to treat you and your family without the need for an appointment.

Complete Urgent Care

Complete Urgent Care facilities were designed with you in mind, providing patient-centered care in a convenient package. No need to make an appointment with us! Simply walk in and our attentive staff will immediately welcome and assess your needs, evaluate your condition, and treat you in the most thorough manner possible. Our highly-trained medical staff treat patients as if they were their own family, providing excellent care while remaining friendly and compassionate. We focus on helping patients get the care they need and help them get back to their lives with efficient, high-quality services and treatments.

Complete Emergency Care

When it’s more than an ‘uh-oh’ but less than a ‘oh-no’, Complete Care offers Emergency Rooms that avoid the long wait times and lackluster customer service found in traditional, hospital-based emergency rooms. Our modern and advanced facilities provide you and your family with the best equipment, staff, and care available, providing an elevated experience designed to help get you treated and back to life.

We understand the frustration of waiting and having to travel to a separate location for results, which is why we provide an on-site lab to help patients get answers quickly and without the headache. In an emergency, time is critical. Let us provide efficient, caring treatment in a comfortable environment that’s focused on you. Our conveniently located Emergency Rooms throughout Texas and Colorado are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complete Care is a medical provider you can rely on, wherever you go!  Whether it’s a minor or major illness, Complete Care is here for you.