Our Emergency Room Doctors & Nurses


When you have a medical emergency, you want to be sure that you are going to be treated by the very best ER doctors and nurses. Patients can rest assured that the doctors and nurses who make up the staff at freestanding emergency rooms are held to the same high standards as those who work in hospital-based ERs.

At Complete Care, our doctors, nurses, and staff represent the best in medical professionalism and compassion. Here’s everything you can expect from working with our team members.

Are the doctors and nurses who work for freestanding ERs different from hospital-based staff?

Freestanding emergency room regulations dictate that freestanding emergency rooms and the physicians who work within them must be able to provide the exact same capabilities and standard of care to patients as emergency rooms attached to a hospital.

Our Complete Care doctors and nurses can provide the following services: 

Our doctors and nurses are able to provide the same level of treatment as hospital-based ER staff. In many instances. In fact, there are often benefits to receiving treatment from doctors and nurses at a freestanding emergency room.

Benefits of being treated by Complete Care doctors & nurses

1. Seeing your doctor sooner

One of the biggest issues patients experience when seeking emergency medical care is the wait time. At Complete Care freestanding emergency rooms, our staff is not only able to see their patients more quickly than your average hospital-based ER, but we are able to give our patients the time they need to receive quality, comprehensive care.

2. Board certification and experience

Our Complete Care physicians come from a variety of backgrounds. Many worked in hospital-based ERs and came to Complete Care so that they could spend more time with their patients. Others have run medical programs. All doctors at Complete Care are board-certified. Whatever their history, however, all of our physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing our patients with the best treatment and care possible.

3. The Complete Care difference

At Complete Care, our doctors, nurses, and staff are active members in their community and treat their patients like family. This work ethic extends to all aspects of what we do at Complete Care. From our low wait times to our simple, flexible, and transparent billing system, we work hard to make sure that everyone who comes to us with a medical emergency truly receives complete care.