The Benefits of 24 Hour Pediatric Care

Children's Health

Apr 7, 2016


24 Hour Pediatric CareComplete Care offers 24-hour pediatric care because emergencies do not occur on anyone’s schedule. A child can be injured or become sick at any time of the day or night, and fast action will be necessary. Time will be of the essence to make sure your child’s condition is properly diagnosed and treated, and we will be ready if you need us.

24 Hour Pediatric Care for a Wide Range of Conditions

Whether your child’s medical emergency is relatively minor or something major, you will always be able to count on us for top-quality 24-hour pediatric care. Our emergency rooms are located across Texas and are equipped with advanced technology like digital x-rays and an on-site lab, plus our experienced staff members can handle a wide range of issues. We treat strep throat, concussions, burns, bone fractures, stomach viruses and much, much more.

If your child has an illness that is not responding to other types of treatment, or he or she suffers a serious injury, you will always be able to count on us for the prompt medical care you need.

A Comfortable Environment

Our friendly staff members and medical experts are committed to keeping your child as comfortable as possible throughout your visit. We have many different types of common medications on hand, and our sophisticated diagnostic equipment rivals anything you will find in a hospital emergency room. We know your child will likely be scared as well as in pain; we will do whatever we can to reduce his or her stress.

But parents will likely be just as scared and want to know what is wrong. Our on-site laboratory can get you the results you need quickly so that you will know exactly what is going on and how we plan on treating the problem.

If you would like to learn more about the 24-hour pediatric care services we offer at Complete Care, contact your nearest emergency room online.