CT Scans: One of the Top Five Medical Developments in 40 Years


Sep 25, 2017


When surveyed on what they believe to be the top five medical developments of the last four decades, most medical professionals agreed that computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans belong on the list. Giving doctors, radiologists and other clinicians the ability to non-invasively visualize and diagnose diseases and conditions of the internal body structures with ease compared to previous methods even won the inventors of the CT scan the 1979 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Here’s a brief overview of how CT scans work and a closer look at just some of the many benefits they afford both medical professionals and the patients they serve.

How CT Scans Work

CT scans are similar to X-rays in that both tools capture images of internal body structures. However, in conventional X-ray scans, these structures overlap (e.g. the ribs overlay the lung and heart). Prior to CT scans certain diagnoses were difficult, if not entirely impossible, due to the organs or structures in question being obscured by other bones or organs. CT scans eliminate these overlapping structures, making the internal anatomy far clearer and easier to visualize and enabling the diagnoses of certain medical conditions or areas of concern.

During a CT scan, a patient lies on a table inside an X-ray tube so several images can be collected from multiple angles. These images are then transmitted directly into a computer that analyzes them and creates a new, single image with the overlapping structures removed. With these detailed, easy to analyze scans, radiologists and physicians can not only confirm if there is a medical problem, but the precise location and severity of the problem as well. Even scans that show no signs of disease or abnormality are still extremely useful in that they allow doctors to rule out and shift focus from unnecessary or unrelated medical concerns.

Benefits of CT Scans

  • 100% pain-free and noninvasive
  • Take only about 20 to 30 minutes to capture highly detailed, unobstructed images of internal body structures
  • Allow doctors to quickly assess a patient’s condition
  • Determine if and when surgery is necessary
  • Reduce the need for potentially dangerous exploratory surgeries
  • Drastically improve cancer diagnosis and treatment outcomes
  • Reduce the length of hospitalization for many patients
  • Guide the treatment of common conditions such as injury, stroke or cardiac disease
  • Ensure patients are placed into appropriate areas or units of care (e.g. intensive care unit, or ICU)

Providing 24/7 CT Scans and Other Advanced Imaging Services

At Complete Care, we understand accuracy and turn-around time are key when it comes to potentially life-saving imaging services. We also understand that no other medical imaging procedure combines all of the advantages above into one quick session, which is why each of our free-standing emergency room facilities offers on-site CT services. Thanks to these advanced imaging services, our emergency room physicians have the ability to obtain precise imaging results in a matter of minutes, ensuring your injury or condition is diagnosed as quickly and accurately as possible.
Each Complete Care emergency room facility is fully equipped with the technologies and technologists necessary to provide the same advanced imaging services as a hospital-based emergency department. The only major difference between a free-standing emergency facility like ours and one you’d find in your nearest hospital is that with Complete Care, you won’t have to endure the long wait times you may be used to in hospital ERs.

In addition to CT scans, we also offer computed X-ray and ultrasound scans to best serve, diagnose and treat our patients throughout Texas and Colorado. The best part of all? Just like a hospital-based ER, we’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and you needn’t ever make an appointment to get the fast, thorough and compassionate care you deserve. Simply show up at the Complete Care location nearest you and be seen and treated quickly by our caring, experienced emergency room staff.
For more information about our advanced medical imaging services or any other emergency services we offer, contact us online.