Dealing With a Foreign Object in the Eye

Eye Health

Apr 13, 2016


foreign object in the eyeA foreign object in the eye can be a scary experience for anyone. While you will typically be able to remove the object at home, there are some times where you will need to get to your nearest Complete Care emergency facility to have it safely removed by a medical professional. Here is some information on how to handle this problem in the safest manner possible.

Areas Affected by a Foreign Object in the Eye

Most of the time there is a foreign object in the eye it will most affect the cornea or conjunctiva. The cornea protects the front portion of the eye and helps focus light on the retina, which is located in the back of the eye. The conjunctiva is the moist area located under the eyelid that covers the white portion of the eye, known as the sclera.

Symptoms and Causes

A foreign object in the eye usually results in immediate symptoms. These include discomfort or pressure, a great deal of tearing, redness and more. You also may feel pain when you look at a light.  There is also a chance that your eye will discharge fluid or even blood.

There can be several different causes of this problem, from something as relatively harmless as an eyelash to potentially serious issues such as a glass shard or a particle of metal. Many people suffer this type of injury when working with a hammer or drill.

When to Get Emergency Care

If you are working and an object such as metal or glass enters your eye, you will need to get immediate help to reduce the chances of permanent vision loss or other complications. Never try to remove this type of object yourself because you could make the damage much worse. Limit your eye movement as much as possible, and use gauze or a clean cloth to bandage the area. If the other eye is uninjured, cover it as well and have someone take you to get medical assistance.

Complete Care experts have a great deal of experience in taking care of issues related to a foreign object in the eye. Contact your nearest emergency room to learn more.