Enhancing Health Care Outcomes in El Paso With a Cutting-Edge Hospital

Complete Care News

May 1, 2018


Complete Care is proud to announce the opening of our newest full-service hospital in El Paso, TX. This new facility offers comprehensive, cutting-edge medical services to patients throughout the city, and operates by the guiding principles that have inspired our team since Complete Care’s founding in 2009.

In order to uphold Complete Care’s philosophy, each of our doctors, nurses and support staff strive every day to:

  • Provide the best possible medical care to patients
  • Treat patients like family
  • Foster an environment that’s friendly, considerate and compassionate
  • Go above and beyond to make obtaining quality healthcare fast and convenient
  • Always seek ways to enhance medical knowledge to provide exceptional healthcare and patient outcomes

While every medical professional espouses similar principals, our team at Complete Care excels at turning these lofty goals into results for our patients. Our ability to make good on these ideals is one of the reasons we’ve expanded from our humble roots as a single urgent care facility in San Antonio to a network of dozens of emergency rooms, urgent care clinics and hospitals across the country.

Comprehensive Hospital Services in El Paso

One of the hallmarks of the Complete Care mission is convenience. Our urgent care and emergency room facilities deliver just that. We set the bar for medical care that is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality.

Nothing is more important than your family’s health. From our perspective, that means striving to provide the best possible patient outcomes regardless of the circumstances. There will never be a day when speed takes precedence over accurate diagnosis and successful treatments. That being said, we have earned a reputation for consistently succeeding at providing both.

One of the ways our urgent care and ER facilities provide fast, quality care is by focusing on the services that can be effectively delivered in facilities that are conveniently located and set up to maximize efficiency and minimize patient wait times.

Providing full-service hospital care is fundamentally different in many ways. Facilities with an emphasis on speed simply can’t accommodate the larger equipment and more time-intensive processes and procedures that are required to deliver more in-depth and advanced diagnostic services and treatments.

Some of these services include inpatient capabilities, an advanced onsite lab and surgery suite and specially designed and equipped procedure rooms.

Speed and convenience will always be a key focus of Complete Care facilities, and our newest El Paso hospital is no different. In addition to the comprehensive hospital services available at this location, the onsite emergency room will maintain and exemplify our continued commitment to prompt care, including our goal to provide door-to-doc care in less than eight minutes.

The services delivered by our specially trained and highly qualified emergency room physicians and nurses will undoubtedly be enhanced thanks to the close proximity of the adjoining hospital facilities. Should a situation require it, longer-term inpatient care will always be available without the need for transport to a separate facility.

How Will El Paso Patients Benefit?

The benefit of being treated by compassionate, friendly and highly skilled medical professionals is clear, regardless of the facility in which they practice. At Complete Care, we strive to take things a step further with our added emphasis on convenience.

As with all Complete Care facilities, our El Paso hospital will employ strategies intended to reduce patient wait times and let them return home and begin recuperating sooner.

In addition to convenience, patients at our new hospital will also benefit from the availability of round-the-clock care and 24-hour family visitation. We will also strive to provide an industry-standard exceeding nurse-to-patient ratio. Our goal is to maintain 1-to-1 nurse to patient staffing to ensure every patient we treat is receiving truly attentive care.

We also hope that our greater emphasis on prompt treatment will result in shorter stays and faster inpatient discharge times.

Complete Care is truly a fixture of Texas health care, so patients can rest assured they will be treated by local, El Paso Board Certified physicians. We are committed to providing medical teams that understand local patients, and our El Paso hospital will be no different. When you or your family visits our new hospital facility, you can expect to be treated by doctors and nurses who understand you and your family. One of our many goals is to instill trust in every patient and build a strong working relationship with the community as a whole.

We want you and your El Paso neighbors to view Complete Care as the reliable health care provider you can rely on for everything, whether it’s a quick trip to an urgent care facility for routine physicals or treatment for minor illnesses or diagnosis and treatment of serious health conditions at our El Paso hospital.

Our goal is to meet every patient’s care needs and do so in such a way that you never put off getting the medical care you need due to inconvenience or discomfort.

Visit Our El Paso Hospital Today!

The next time you or your family requires medical care, we encourage you to consider visiting Complete Care Community Hospital on Mesa Street, just north of Executive Center Blvd. and east of I-10 in El Paso. We are confident you will appreciate not only the high quality medical care our skilled, El Paso Board Certified physicians and nurses provide, but also the speed and convenience with which it’s delivered.

Call us today at (915) 228-4545 or visit us at 4642 North Mesa Street, El Paso, TX 79912.