Emergency Aid and Treatment for Compound Arm Fractures

Breaks & Fractures

Aug 19, 2016


The medical term “fracture” refers to a broken bone. In most cases, a fracture does not involve broken skin or wounds that are visible on the outside of the body. However, a compound fracture can occur when the sharp edges of the affected bone break the skin.

If a foreign object wounds the skin and ends up penetrating the bone, this can also cause a compound fracture. In a compound or open fracture, the bone is visible. Open fractures often occur in the limbs, especially the arms. Here is some information about the emergency aid and treatment for compound arm fractures.

Emergency Aid for Compound Arm Fractures

While all broken bones require emergency medical care, it is even more important that compound arm fractures receive immediate attention from a team of first responders. Fast treatment will reduce the chance of infection and ensure that the compound fracture heals properly. Therefore, if an individual suffers a compound fracture, it is important to call 911 immediately.

If you didn’t see the accident, ask the individual how he or she was injured. Depending on the amount of blood loss and the severity of the injury, it is possible that the individual may become unconscious. If this occurs, you may need to tell the first responders how the accident happened.

Once you know this vital information, you should try to make the person as comfortable as possible. Use a blanket or jacket to keep the individual warm and check his or her vital signs. Do not touch the wound. If there is a foreign object in the wound, do not attempt to remove it.

Treatment for Compound Arm Fractures

In order to prevent infections, physicians will administer prophylactic treatments like antibiotics. The patient will receive IV antibiotics to prevent infections caused by a variety of bacteria. The individual will be given a tetanus booster if he or she has not received one in the past five years.

Once the risk of infection is reduced, it is likely that the patient will have to undergo surgical treatment to treat the compound arm fracture.

For more information about emergency aid and treatment for compound arm fractures visit your nearest Complete Care Emergency Room location.