Burn Care


Apr 13, 2016


Effective burn care is obviously extremely important should an accident result in this type of injury. Knowing when you can treat a burn at home and when you need to get to a doctor will be vital to a full recovery. Here is some general information on the different types of burns and how to make sure they are treated the right way.

Different Types of Burns

You have no doubt heard of first-, second- and third-degree burns.

First Degree Burns: A first-degree burn will typically be red and painful, and may result in a minimal amount of swelling. It will usually heal in anywhere from three to six days.

Second Degree Burns: A second-degree burn is thicker, extremely painful and will usually produce blisters as well as a great deal of swelling. It can take up to three weeks to heal.

Third Degree Burns: Finally, a third-degree burn is extremely serious, damaging all layers of skin in the affected area. Healing will typically take an extended amount of time.

When to See a Doctor for Burn Care

While a first- or second-degree burn can typically be treated with aloe vera or an antibiotic ointment, you should seek medical help if the injury covers more than a two- or three-inch area. You should also get professional burn care if the injury affects a major joint such as the shoulder or knee, or it is on the face, feet, hands or genitals.

Any type of third-degree burn will rehire immediate medical help. It will usually result in the skin looking charred or even white. You may think it is not extremely serious because you may not notice a great deal of pain. But this is happening because tissue and skin have been severely damaged.

The professionals at Complete Care have a great deal of experience in providing very effective burn care to our patients. Contact your nearest location to learn more about how we can help.