Life-Threatening Side Effect of Chemical Exposure


Oct 18, 2016


Exposure to chemicals, regardless of severity, is not something that anyone wants to experience. Sometimes minor symptoms can result from items such as cleaning agents like bleach. If it is breathed in, it can cause temporary discomfort and coughing, for instance. Other times, chemicals can lead to life-threatening side effects and may require a trip to the emergency room.

Life-Threatening Side Effect of Chemical ExposureThe reality is that different chemicals affect the body in a variety of ways. Virtually any function of the body can be adversely impacted. Chemicals can be in the form of a solid, liquid or gas. Here are some of the severe side effects that individuals may experience due to chemical exposure.


Some chemicals can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision. One chemical that can cause this condition is arsenic. Although blindness in itself is not life threatening, it is often accompanied by more severe symptoms.


Chlorine is a chemical that does not cause serious harm if the exposure is in small quantities. However, if there is significant exposure, this chemical may cause fluid to form in the lungs. This can result in pneumonia which could become life threatening if not treated.

Breathing Problems

The inhalation of chemicals can lead to breathing problems that range from minor to severe. In the most severe cases, the sufferer may stop breathing altogether.


Chemical exposure can cause a person to be unable to move in serious cases. In some instances, the paralysis only affects part of the body. In other cases, the entire body becomes paralyzed.

Loss of Consciousness

Loss of consciousness is obviously one of the most serious symptoms that someone exposed to chemicals can experience. This may take place as a result of exposure to a variety of chemicals including hydrogen sulfide.


Any number of chemicals can lead to death for those who encounter them in high doses. This can be the result of suffocation or simply because the body begins shutting down. If you or a loved one experiences minor to mild chemical poisoning symptoms, it’s crucial to be seen by an emergency professional. Exposure symptoms can start out as minor but may quickly become more severe in nature.

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