Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain: What’s The Difference?

There’s nothing like pain to remind us of things we take for granted when we’re healthy. When we feel discomfort, we realize how even the most mundane tasks such as brushing teeth or getting dressed can become an exhausting effort. Not all ailments are created equal. Sometimes a person will experience acute pain, while others live with chronic pain. Below we present an overview of both. What’s the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain? Acute pain is what a person feels immediately after an injury. If a person suffers from a fall or is involved in a car accident, they Read More..

How Do I Know If I Have A Broken Rib?

When you look at the human anatomy, it’s immediately obvious the large role the ribcage plays. Twelve ribs on each side, all of them working together to shield your heart and lungs from potential injury. If you’re experiencing pain in your torso, it may serve you well to find out whether it’s due to a fractured rib. Because failing to treat a broken rib could lead to the damage of blood vessels or internal organs, you could quickly face life-threatening complications. What Can Cause a Broken Rib? The most common reason for a broken rib is blunt impact. It could Read More..

Causes and Symptoms of Dizziness

Dizziness itself is not a disease or disorder, but rather a symptom associated with various disorders. There are several symptoms of dizziness and while some are minor and temporary, others need to be treated as an emergency. Here are some of the reasons dizziness occurs and warning signs that you need to see a doctor immediately. Common Symptoms of Dizziness Symptoms of dizziness include: Feeling lightheaded Loss of balance Spinning sensation Weakness Lethargy Headache When you talk to your doctor, it is very important that you describe the sensations you are experiencing as accurately as possible so the proper diagnosis Read More..

Symptoms of an Upper Respiratory Infection

Upper respiratory infections (URIs) are among the most common ailments, but you may not be aware of the signs and symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about upper respiratory infections so you can effectively treat them. Symptoms of an Upper Respiratory Infection from completeemergencycare Read More..

Four Benefits of Digital X-Ray Imaging

X-ray imaging has a long history of medical use. Accidentally discovered by a German physicist in 1895, X-rays transformed medicine almost overnight and have been used for everything from finding foreign objects trapped in a child’s throat to tracing food through the digestive system. However, technological advances since the late 19th century have led to the digital evolution of the X-ray. What Is a Digital X-Ray? A digital x-ray system combines software and hardware to provide a detailed picture of the inside of a patient’s body. The system’s sensors immediately process pictures and transmit them to a monitor in minutes, Read More..

When Bronchitis Becomes an Emergency

  Acute bronchitis is one of the most common respiratory illnesses, with nearly five percent of American adults seeking treatment for the condition each year. It is typically caused by viruses and produces symptoms including persistent cough, sore throat and body aches. While most cases last less than three weeks and can be resolved with at-home care, there are certain circumstances where bronchitis becomes a medical emergency.       Read More..

Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids

Kids love biking to school. It gives them a sense of independence, allows them to catch up with friends and gives them an outlet for their energy. As most parents know, though, biking presents its own set of challenges and safety concerns. Child Bike Safety Statistics When children aren’t adequately prepared for the responsibility of biking to school or don’t fully appreciate the potential for injury due to reckless behavior, they may make mistakes without realizing it. Making a wrong turn or reading a text message could send them careening into a car, causing serious injury. 50 children go to Read More..

When Should I Worry About a Rash?

  A rash can be worrisome. Most of the time, rashes are caused by something relatively minor. However, there are instances where a rash is a sign of a serious medical condition that needs to be addressed immediately. Here is more information about common rashes and some ways to identify them so you can get an idea of what you’re dealing with. What Are Rashes? “Rash” is an umbrella term describing any type of skin irritation, discoloration or abnormal change in texture. Since it’s not a specific diagnosis, rash causes, symptoms and classifications vary greatly. This is the reason why Read More..

Delicious Healthy Foods

Many people make the mistake of assuming all food that’s good for them tastes bad. Fortunately, that’s not true. There’s a long list of delectable, healthy foods that can give your body a boost of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Delicious Healthy Foods from completeemergencycare Read More..

9 Simple At-Home Exercises For a Total-Body Workout

Between time spent at work, school, with friends or family, you might not have time to hit the gym. There’s no doubt life can be hectic, but it’s important to make your health a priority. Regular exercise can help you lose or maintain weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and lower your risk of some cancers and provide many other life-improving benefits. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, these at-home exercises can help you stay healthy. Read More..