Tips for Effective Asthma Control


Nov 29, 2015


asthma controlEffective asthma control takes effort, and requires that you work closely with your doctor to minimize symptoms. There are several ways to accomplish this, including medications, closely tracking your care plan, and knowing when to get to your nearest Complete Care facility should an emergency occur.


Your doctor will take many factors into consideration before recommending the right medicines to help make your asthma control plan as effective as possible. He or she will see how a particular medication will work for you and then make any adjustments necessary. Most of the time, your medication will need to be taken through an inhaler. However, there are some medicines you can take in pill form. It is very important you speak with your doctor to make sure you know how to use your inhaler correctly.

There is a chance you will need to take medications on a long-term basis in order to best control your symptoms. While these types of medicines usually do a good job of reducing inflammation of the airway, they typically do not provide quick relief. You may take inhaled corticosteroids, which help to lessen inflammation and prevent other symptoms. If you need fast relief from an attack, you will probably be prescribed beta2-agonists. They relax the muscles around the airways to help you breathe. If you find that you need to take fast-acting medicine more than two days per week, your asthma control medications may need to be adjusted.

Tracking Your Action Plan

In order to have the best chance of effective asthma control, you need to keep a close watch on your symptoms. If you are able to perform all of your normal activities with no problems, and you do not experience symptoms more than twice a week, there is a very good chance your condition is under control. Otherwise, you may need a medication adjustment.

Knowing the Emergency Signs

In certain instances, asthma symptoms can be severe enough to require a trip to your nearest emergency medical facility. For example, if you are having difficulty talking and walking because of a shortness of breath, or your fingernails are lips turn a bluish color, get help immediately.

For more information on asthma control, contact your nearest Complete Care location online.