What to Do if an Accidental Poisoning Occurs


Oct 22, 2015


accidental poisoningAccidental poisoning can occur at any time, to anyone – regardless of age. Whether a child swallows something he or she should not have or an adult mistakenly takes the wrong type of medication, any type of poisoning will require an immediate trip to your nearest Complete Care emergency medical location.

Why Accidental Poisonings Occur

While medications are the most common cause of accidental poisonings, there are several other everyday items that can potentially be lethal. These include pest killers, cosmetic products, cleaning supplies, and many others. Whenever something toxic is inhaled, ingested or even touched, serious consequences can result. You may associate this problem with young children, but the Centers for Disease Control reports that it is the No. 1 cause of accidental death in adults age 25-64.

Symptoms of Accidental Poisonings

Some of the common symptoms of an accidental poisoning include breath that has a chemical smell, redness or burns around the lips or mouth, vomiting, seizures and odd odors coming from the body.

Get Help Immediately

If you suspect someone in your home has been poisoned, get to your nearest Complete Care emergency medical facility as fast as possible. Take out anything that may be in their mouth and bring it with you so the doctor will know the right action to take. If the poison is in the person’s eyes or on the skin, flush with lukewarm or cool water. Bring any bottle containing the toxic substance with you. Do not try to induce vomiting, because that can result in further damage.

The experts with Complete Care have a great deal of experience dealing with accidental poisonings. We will quickly determine the right course of action and provide whatever treatment is necessary. Contact your nearest location online to learn more.