What to Do if Your Child has a Seizure

Children's Health

Mar 9, 2016


seizureA seizure can, of course, be an incredibly frightening experience for both a child and a parent. If your son or daughter has one, knowing what to do beforehand can be a great deal of help. Make sure that not only your spouse knows what to do, but also your other children, your babysitter or anyone else who looks after the child.

Important Safety Measures in the Event of a Seizure

First, the most important thing is to stay as calm as possible no matter how scared you may be. Keep him or her away from anything that could be a source of danger, such as a hot stove, stairs, a busy street or anything else. Remove any sharp or hard objects nearby that could pose a risk. Do not try to stop the child’s movements or hold him or her down.

You will also want to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. Try to put something soft behind his or her head, remove glasses the child may be wearing, and try to gently roll the child on his or her side to let any fluids drain out of the mouth. Never try to remove any food that may be in your child’s mouth, because this could actually result in the food getting pushed farther into the mouth or throat and lead to breathing difficulties.

What NOT to Do

Many people make the mistake of trying to insert something into a person’s mouth who is having a seizure, such as a spoon or even a finger. The child will not swallow his or her tongue, which is a common misperception. If you place a hard object in the child’s mouth, that could easily result in broken teeth.

If your child’s seizure lasts for more than five minutes, get to your nearest Complete Care emergency medical facility so we can treat the problem safely and effectively. Contact the closest location to your home to learn more about how we can help.