When to Go to ER for Migraine

When to Go to the ER

Nov 5, 2016


When you have a migraine you want migraine relief now. But many times the painkillers and prescription migraine medications just don’t work. You know you may just have to wait it out – as excruciating as that can be.

But, in some cases, a horrible headache can be dangerous and you should seek emergency migraine relief for your throbbing headache. Dangerous migraines should not be ignored. Make sure you know the difference. Make sure you know the answer to the question: When should I seek emergency migraine treatment?

3 Signs You Should Go to the ER for a Migraine

1. Excessive vomiting

Sometimes vomiting makes the migraine go away or at least become less intense. But if you continue to vomit with no relief, you could become severely dehydrated. Dehydration is not as harmless as it can seem and can cause delirium and loss of consciousness among other concerns.

2. You’re having the worst migraine ever

You know your body. As a migraine sufferer, you know what pain is. If the pain is beyond anything you have experienced before it could be something else like a brain aneurysm, a bulging artery in the brain that may be ready to burst.

3. You’re having the longest migraine ever

A headache of this magnitude that lasts more than 72 hours without at least 4 hours of relief is thought by many in the medical community to increase the risk of stroke. It should be treated aggressively

Get Relief Now

If you have what could be a dangerous migraine, you should not try to wait it out or wait until morning. You should seek emergency relief now. Complete Care reinvented the emergency room experience. Conveniently located in Arlington, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Southlake, and Tyler, TX, our ER locations are free-standing, so no miserable hospital traffic or trouble parking.

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