How to Prevent a Back Injury When Playing Golf

Back Pain

Jun 11, 2015


back injuryNothing can ruin a great time on the course faster than suffering a back injury that necessitates a trip to the nearest emergency medical facility. Here are some ways to keep this from happening to you the next time you tee it up.

Warming Up

Try to get to the course and hour or so before your tee time so that you can properly warm-up. Rushing to the course and heading directly to the first tee box is not only a lousy way to start a round, it can actually help lead to a back injury. Sprained muscles are common when trying to immediately crush a golf ball without stretching beforehand. Your stretching routine should not only include your shoulders, torso and back but also your hips and hamstrings.

Practice Swings

You should also swing the golf club a few times to warm up your muscles and get them ready for the force and twisting that is a part of every golf swing. If you can, head over to the driving range and hit some balls. Start out slowly with your smaller irons and then progress all the way to your driver.

Carry Your Bag Correctly

Another good way to reduce your chances of sustaining a back injury is one of the things a lot of golfers overlook – carrying your bag the proper way. If you are driving a cart, that will not be a big issue, of course. But if you are walking, you will more than likely need to carry your bag to the pro shop. Buy a pull cart or get a bag that has a stand so you do not have to constantly bend over to get a club. If you think carrying your bag is good exercise when you are on the course, get one with dual straps to lessen the stress on your back.

These are just a few of the things you can do to lower your risk of sustaining a back injury on the golf course. If you do get hurt, however, one of the experts with Complete Care will work to get you back in the swing of things as quickly as possible. Get in touch with your nearest location to learn more.