Men’s Health: Common Reasons Men Visit the ER


Jun 6, 2023


This International Men’s Health Month, we’re going to be covering the reasons for the most common ER visits pertaining to men’s health. Biological sex does in fact play a role in the types of health conditions one can experience. For example, males are more susceptible to conditions including heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and blood pressure based on hormones, anatomy, and behaviors. Although this is not an exact science, research has been conducted to showcase how men and women deal with health problems differently and in what ways. 

Here at Complete Care, we want to nurture an inclusive medical environment where every patient, regardless of identity or background, can get the medical care they deserve. Although society often tells men to just “be a man” and ignore any pain, we want to bring attention to the common reasons men visit the ER to highlight the importance of getting help and to improve the health and overall well-being of men’s health in our communities. 

Here are some of the most common ER visits we see regarding men’s health.

Reason 1: Chest and abdominal pain

We often see male patients who complain about abdominal pain when breathing or chest pain in general. Chest and stomach pain can be an indicator of other health problems, minor or severe. The patient could be dealing with something as minor as acid reflux or muscle inflammation, or on the severe side, heart disease that could lead to a fatal heart attack. Knowing your family’s health history can help you to be more aware of what conditions you may be susceptible to. Do not ignore any feelings of pain as it could be serious.

The best way to know how to get rid of chest pain or abdominal pain is to have a medical professional diagnose and treat your symptoms as they could uncover ailments you may have been unaware of prior to your ER visit. Our team at Complete Care can help you to get to the bottom of your symptoms. 

Reason 2: Cuts and lacerations

Whether you’re working long hours in the yard, the kitchen, or the garage, dealing with sharp objects such as saws, knives, or other power tools isn’t uncommon for these tasks. Maintenance work can feel routine, making it easier to mindlessly make mistakes that result in injury — specifically cuts and lacerations. 

If you slice your hand on a rusty power tool or your knife slips and the cut won’t stop bleeding, head to the ER as soon as possible. Tools and equipment can often be dirty or rusted, increasing your risk of dangerous infection. 

If you’re going to be working with sharp objects, wear protective gloves and clothing to prevent any injuries and inspect your equipment before each use.  

Reason 3: Respiratory infections

Although the common cold and sinus infections are both illnesses that can be treated at home, studies have shown that men are often more susceptible to harsher outcomes of respiratory infections. Meaning a case of strep throat or bronchitis is more likely to send a man to the ER for treatment. Why is this? Testosterone, the primary male hormone, suppresses the immune system so men tend to stay sick for longer periods of time.

If you have a cold, a case of the flu, or other viral respiratory infections that don’t clear up on their own with at-home treatments or over-the-counter medications, head to a Complete Care ER or urgent care facility for treatment. 

Reason 4: Sprains or broken bones

Here at Complete Care, many of the male patients we see come in with a sprain or broken bone injury. Most commonly, these injuries originate from a workout mishap, a sports slip-up, or a general accident. Where a mild sprain may only require rest at home to heal, a broken bone may require medical intervention.

When telling our patients what to do if someone breaks a bone, the first step we advise to do is to carefully remove any clothing that is covering the broken bone, apply an ice pack if possible, and head to your nearest Complete Care facility for treatment. Our hospital-grade emergency rooms are fully equipped to handle sprains and broken bones with low wait times so you can get back to life in no time.

Reason 5: Neck and back injuries

Strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, or trauma are common reasons that a man can endure a neck or back injury. Unfortunately, injuries or strains to muscles or vertebrae can cause dull or even sharp pain that makes daily activities more difficult to carry out. Oftentimes, we see male patients come into the ER with neck and back injuries after falling off of a ladder either at work or at home. 

Because neck and back injuries can happen at any time, knowing when to seek medical care is crucial to your body’s overall health. If you experience any of the following symptoms, head to a Complete Care ER as soon as possible for an examination:

  • Dull or stabbing pain
  • Numbness or tingling in the legs or arms
  • Stiffness in the spine
  • Decreased mobility 
  • Constant aches or pains in the neck or back area
  • Loss of bladder control

If you consider yourself a handyman, an athlete, or anything in between, understanding how you can properly care for your body after strenuous activity can better protect your neck and back from sustaining painful or long-lasting injuries. 

Complete Care cares for men’s health

There are a vast number of reasons why men visit the emergency room, but no matter the injury or ailment, Complete Care takes men’s health seriously. Our medical staff is ready and willing to take care of you and your needs, no matter what. Whether you’ve sustained a yard work injury or simply want to get to the bottom of lingering, annoying pain, we’ve got you. 

Our emergency facilities are located all over the state of Texas (Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, East Texas, Lubbock, and San Antonio) and in Colorado Springs. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that you can get in, get out, and get back to life.

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