What to Do after Falling off a Ladder

Household Injuries

Dec 9, 2020


Do you know what to do after falling off a ladder? Ladder falls are among the most common injuries during the holiday season, and knowing how to handle the situation could make all the difference should an accident occur. 

The first thing you should do after falling off a ladder is stay calm, take things slow, and assess if you’re in any pain. It can take up to a few minutes to feel any sort of pain or discomfort, so play it safe and remain cautious while you feel out the situation. If you fell off of a ladder and landed on your back, there is a high possibility you could be injured and not yet realize it. If you’re feeling pain and cannot sit up, call for help and try to stay still as you wait. If you can manage to get up, roll on your side and try to get into a seated position first. After that, attempt to stand up by getting on your hands and knees and finding support to help you stand. Then, check for any injuries that may have happened from the fall. 

A study done by Queensland University’s Dr. Rob Eley found males over 55 years old are particularly at risk, making up more than half of all our ladder-related fall cases. So dads, whether you’re putting up Christmas lights or doing normal chores around the house, practice caution when climbing and standing on a ladder.

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What injuries can you get from falling off a ladder? 

Some common injuries from falling off a ladder include: 

  • Broken bones 
  • Broken backs 
  • Sprains or fractures 
  • Head injuries or persistent headaches 
  • Neck and back pain
  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Internal bleeding 
  • Body is sore after a fall 

Unfortunately, falling off of a ladder can havelasting physical and mental damage if not treated properly. It’s possible patients can have sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, or persistent pain after falling off of a ladder along with injuries as listed above. Slips and falls are some of the most common accidents a person can have, but when the injuries are expected, medical attention doesn’t seem necessary when it should be.

Slips and falls are common, and most of us would expect to feel some pain after falling off a ladder. However, even though the pain is expected, it can still be a sign of an emergency. If you are experiencing pain after falling off a ladder, remain cautious and be mindful — it may take time for your injuries to fully reveal themselves.

When should you go to the doctor after a fall from a ladder?

Even if your injuries after your fall seem minor, they could have lasting consequences. If you’re unsure whether to see a doctor after evaluating your injuries, here are some key symptoms to look for after a fall that could require medical attention:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Concussion
  • Persistent pain in the back or neck
  • Weakness or numbness in the arms and legs 

If you do start to become weak, nauseous, or clammy, is it possible your body is going into shock. If you’re wondering what to do after getting shocked from a fall, the answer is simple: seek emergency medical help immediately. When someone goes into shock, it means their organs are not getting enough oxygen and blood and result in permanent damage. If you need to know which medical facility to visit, check out our blog The Difference Between Urgent Care & The ER

When ladder accidents happen, it can be scary and stressful for you and your family. But if you know what to do after falling off of a ladder, the situation is much easier to handle. At a Complete Care emergency facility, you can expect the same level of hospital care without the wait time. We’re open 24/7 for you, even during the holidays. If you do fall off of a ladder, do not hesitate to visit your nearest Complete Care location today for quick, efficient, patient-centered care.

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