How to Treat an Upper Respiratory Infection


Sep 30, 2016


If you have ever felt miserable from sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion and low-grade fever, it is a strong possibility you have experience in treating an upper respiratory infection (URI). Although this infection can wreak havoc on your body with conditions such as sinusitis, strep throat and bronchitis, the common cold is often the main way individuals suffer.

How to Treat an Upper Respiratory Infection

How to treat an Upper Respiratory InfectionThese pathogenic microorganisms in the form of viruses and bacteria can invade the body, resulting in illnesses. Learning how to treat an upper respiratory infection is crucial for making a quick recovery.

After visiting your doctor for a physical exam and test, depending on how severe the viral infection is, they might recommend decongestants and antihistamines for drying up secretions and preventing chronic coughing.

You will probably be told to stay hydrated by increasing the amount of liquids you drink and to get plenty of rest. Some other tips your heath care provider could give include using steam inhalation for obstructions in the nose and throat.

Gargling with a warm water and salt solution as well as using a light lubricant for a sore nose and chapped lips is also helpful.

How to Prevent Upper Respiratory Infections

Several ways to lower your risk of contacting upper respiratory infections are:

* Washing your hands

* Avoiding individuals you know are contagious

* Wiping down commonly-infected areas such as doorknobs, keyboards and phones with a disinfectant

* Avoid touching your face if you have sick people around you because viruses and bacteria can spread to you through your nose, eyes and mouth

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