When to Visit the ER for Abdominal Pain

ER Tips

May 28, 2016


Pain in your abdominal area can be caused by dozens of different things, some being as simple as a buildup of gas, all the way to a life-threatening burst appendix. Most of the time, a visit to the ER is not required, especially since you can end up paying thousands of dollars in medical bills for even minor ailments.

When to Go to the ER

Anytime there is an external event associated with severe abdominal pain, an ER trip can be a good idea. An example of this might include being hit relatively hard either by a person or an object which causes sharp pain or very dark bruising. Internal damage can be hard to diagnose with a doctor, even if you seem alright immediately after the event. Pain in your abdomen that is so severe you cannot function also warrants a trip to the emergency room, since a normal stomachache, or even light food poisoning, isn’t bad enough to prevent you from being able to walk.

When Not to Go to the ER

Abdominal pain that occurs right away after you have eaten spicy food or a type of food you haven’t had in the past is usually just indigestion, which can be painful, but does not require an ER visit. Dull pain of any sort in your abdominal area, if it has been present for more than a couple of days, may be indicative of a problem, potentially even a serious problem, but a Complete Care doctor would be able to tell you what it might be, especially if they already have easy access to your medical history.

If you are experiencing abdominal pain visit your nearest Complete Care location, especially if it seems to be getting worse. Our team is standing by ready to diagnosis and treat your abdominal pains.