4 Easy Ways to Find Your Nearest Emergency Room

ER Tips

May 29, 2016


In times of true emergency, many of us are prone to panic or are unable to clearly think through our decision-making processes. When a loved one is hurt or severely ill, you shouldn’t have to think twice about how to find the nearest Complete Care, so here are four tips to help out when time is of the essence:

1. Store the number in your phone

Nearest Emergency RoomFor areas like your home or work, it’s always a great idea to be prepared and save the number in your phone ahead of time. Should a situation arise, you’ll be glad to have the number at your fingertips, and can even alert the Complete Care staff to your pending arrival so they can make preparations as needed.

2. Bookmark the site

Similar to storing the contact information, bookmarking completeemergencycare.com can give you access to crucial information like directions, admitting information, and medical capabilities. Many hospitals and medical facilities have supplemental information you may need when handling insurance issues.

3. Use Google Maps

The above tips are great for areas you frequent, but when traveling or in unfamiliar territory, the search for the nearest emergency room becomes all the more frantic. Running a search in Google Maps will show the nearest facilities, give turn-by-turn directions to Complete Care, and even provide traffic information that would alter your ETA.

4. Ask Siri

Like the mapping suggestion, Siri (or other voice-activated assistants like Cortana and Google Now) can be a hands-free helper, which are especially useful if you’re multitasking or have already begun to drive. These tools can not only save time but help keep everyone safe by allowing you to maintain focus on the road.

While we all hope to never need it, knowing the nearest ER or having a clear process for finding it can make an enormous difference. For additional tips on emergency readiness and more information on staying healthy, follow Complete Care on our blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter.