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Apr 4, 2024


Complete Care takes pride in providing patients throughout the state of Texas and Colorado Springs with top-quality emergency care services. With low wait times, hospital-grade digital imaging services, and compassionate medical professionals who are dedicated to their patients and their communities, walk into any Complete Care ER and you’ll be treated like family. 

Our passion for quality healthcare has won our clinics many awards over the years, including being featured on the Press Ganey Award winners list. If you were wondering why we say that Complete Care’s freestanding emergency rooms offer award-winning emergency care services to patients of all ages, that’s why. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace — if you need us, we are here for you 24/7. 

What is the Press Ganey Award?

Press Ganey is the nation’s leading patient satisfaction survey vendor in healthcare that partners with over 41,000 healthcare facilities including hospitals, medical groups, and other healthcare entities. Annually, Press Ganey ranks the top healthcare providers in the country based on their performance in patient experience.

One of Press Ganey’s prestigious awards is the Human Experience Guardian of Excellence Award for Patient Experience. What is the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award and why is it so important? Recipients of this award represent the top 5% of healthcare providers in the previous year. It’s coveted and prestigious. In fact, there were only 325 Press Ganey Award winners across all service lines in 2023. 

Complete Care secured 12 Guardian of Excellence Awards in 2023.

The Texas locations that earned these awards are:

Tyler Complete Care staff with the Press Ganey Pinnacle of Excellence Award in 2019.

Press Ganey also presents the Human Experience of Excellence Award for Patient Experience, recognizing the top 3 performers in each category based on a three-year period. Out of 2,566 Emergency Rooms in 2023, remarkably, Complete Care won all three awards.

Since 2018, Complete Care has been the most awarded Emergency Room provider in the country with 59 Guardian of Excellence and 14 Pinnacle of Excellence awards. All 14 facilities in Texas have achieved at least one Human Experience Award, demonstrating our commitment to quality care. 

Why our patients love Complete Care

These achievements have only been made possible by Complete Care’s dedicated team of healthcare professionals, who strive to provide the best possible experience for their patients on a daily basis.

Because of them, Complete Care stands out for its exceptional patient experience and our community members are vocal about entrusting us with their care. Many patients have left countless heartwarming testimonials for all of our clinics explaining why they believe Complete Care ER is the best emergency room they have ever been to. 

1. Our process is simple and efficient

Patient checking into a Complete Care ER.

No one likes to spend hours in a waiting room. Low wait times at a Complete Care ER mean that you can be seen as soon as possible to get in, out, and back to your life.

“This is the best walk-in experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t have to fill out a gazillion forms, and there was virtually no wait time. The ER doctor took his time and was very thorough.  And the front desk was awesome as well. The visit was reasonably priced considering they are classified as an ER. Highly recommended.”

David M. | Complete Care Southlake Patient

2. Our staff operates with compassion

Complete Care staff member examines a patient’s arm.

As emergency medical professionals, it is our job to make our patients feel comfortable, safe, and cared for in their times of need. Compassion is our first language. 

“Every time we have needed help, the doctors and staff at Fossil Creek Complete Care have always been professional and caring. Thank you and keep up the good work. I highly recommend this clinic if you are in need of emergency care.”

Juan C. | Fossil Creek Complete Care Patient

No one ever plans to come to the emergency room, but accidents and emergencies happen — and they can be scary experiences to endure. We want to ensure that any patient who walks into our doors knows that they will not only be well taken care of, but that they will receive award-winning emergency care services. 

“I came in feeling like my intestines were on fire, and honestly was terrified. Everyone was very compassionate, they listened to me and made me feel safe. They took care of me quickly, got me the answers I needed, and explained to me to where they knew I understood them. Would highly suggest them, everyone there is amazing.”

Katerina G. | Complete Care Camp Bowie Patient

3. Our services cater to all ages

Complete Care staff member examines a young patient with her mother.

Our full-service emergency rooms cater to both pediatric and adult patients to provide award-winning care for the entire family. 

“My son and I received some of the best care I have ever experienced. We were seen promptly, the care team was very kind, patient, and took my concerns seriously. We had never been before and the front staff was very welcoming and didn’t just shove paperwork at us right away. They did all the appropriate tests and gave my son a teddy bear while the doctor treated all my symptoms and provided ample and appropriate prescriptions for care at home. This is where my family will be going for all our urgent care and emergency needs. They called to check on me and also sent my son a card.”

Brooke G. | Complete Care Colorado Springs Patient

Experience award-winning emergency care services at any freestanding Complete Care ER

As back-to-back Press Ganey Award winners, Complete Care is honored to be appreciated and acknowledged by those working alongside us in medical communities across the entire country. Our emergency care services are top-notch due to our commitment to quality service and our staff’s dedication to compassionate care every single day, and we’re so happy that the Press Ganey folks agree. 

If you are searching for award-winning emergency care services with a staff that you can trust, look no further than Complete Care. We have multiple locations in Texas (Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, East Texas, Lubbock, and San Antonio) and in Colorado Springsthat are open 24/7 with low wait times and hospital-grade equipment. 

Thank you to all of our community members who helped us achieve these awards! Here’s to providing more quality care in 2024.

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